Step Aside, Digital Industry Platforms are Taking Over

Step Aside, Digital Industry Platforms are Taking Over

The rise of digital industry platforms is a novel occurrence that affects a substantial amount of industries, ranging from products to services. Platforms, such as Facebook or Google, which are at the core of industrial ecosystems, have transformed the industrial landscape, altered the balance of power between firms, promoted innovation and raised novel questions on competition and innovation. This trend has intrigued me substantially to study this phenomenon.

Therefore, InnovationManagementUniversity is going to combine different literature areas to illuminate the challenges that platform leaders and their startup members face from a business, technical, and social point of view. Accordingly, the content will main come from available platform literature in A-journals in management and information systems.

Hopefully, you will receive substantial value from these following articles.

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Question: What challenges are you experiencing  in developing your Platform?

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