Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?

Very inspiring video on entrepreneurship produced by Intel. Manav Subodh, Global Manager of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Intel took the initiative to produce the film.

Do you have the ambition to start something yourself? If so, you might think of becoming an entrepreneur.

There are around 6.9 billion people walking around. Everybody wants to get ahead in life, most people have no idea about how to do that and some figured out how to do that.

There four ways how you can get ahead in life:

  1. Hope for help
  2. Expect government support
  3. Get a job
  4. Start something yourself

If you are thinking of starting something yourself, then you are on your way of becoming an entrepreneur! Why should u become an entrepreneur?

  • Because you need to
  • Because you want to

Entrepreneurs start businesses for a lot of different reasons. These are some of the motives of entrepreneurs and why you should be considering of becoming an entrepreneur

  • To sell
  • To deliver
  • To make
  • To invent
  • To build
  • To grow
  • Or make the world a better place

There are many reasons why you should not start a business. What is stopping you from starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur?

  1. Your questions?
  2. Your background?
  3. Your isolation?
  4. Your fear of failure?

Keep in mind that it’s never been easy to start a new business and becoming an entrepreneur. But it’s never been easier than NOW. Today technology is everywhere. With technology comes: Information. With information people can open doors and take the first step. Technology + Information + Confidence, help you to

  • build a business
  • build a team
  • join a team
  • find suppliers
  • reach customers

As business grow, they hire people, they buy products, they buy supplies, they add customers, and that’s how entrepreneurs change their lives. help their families, improve communities, create new markets, develop countries and change the world. That’s the power of entrepreneurship.

Question: Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?


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