Which activities before development help to identify what to do with a great idea

How to know if you should start developing that great idea

This article shows the importance of the activities before development and how to decide if you should start developing that great idea

Specifically, this article discusses the importance of having a Front-End, the advantages of it, and the activities it should contain.

In other words, it illustrates which activities you should do before developing anything in order to save the most time at the lowest cost and increase your new product’s success.
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Too much bureaucracy kills innovation

Having a hard time innovating? Try to get a walk or talk with someone with a different mindset. The best ideas are created after all when your not behind your desk. That is why my some of my friends and I came up with an idea for a new venture last night when we were having fun together! There are many ways how you can stimulate your brain to make new connections and come up with new ways to solve a problem. Unfortunately there are also a lot of ways to kill innovation. One way to kill it though is by
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