How to develop a killer concept without even spending one dollar

According to Crawford and Benedetto (2011), a product can be seen as a set of attributes. This entails that a product can be explained by citing its attributes. There are three kinds of attributes:

  • Features: what the product consists of
  • Functions: what the product does and how it works
  • Benefits: the way a product provides satisfaction to the user

The conjoint analysis is a marketing tool, used in product repositioning and new product development applications (Wittink & Cattin, 1990). Conjoint Analysis estimates the customer’s preference into a set of different attributes (Green & Srinivasan, 1990).

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Too much bureaucracy kills innovation

Having a hard time innovating? Try to get a walk or talk with someone with a different mindset. The best ideas are created after all when your not behind your desk. That is why my some of my friends and I came up with an idea for a new venture last night when we were having fun together! There are many ways how you can stimulate your brain to make new connections and come up with new ways to solve a problem. Unfortunately there are also a lot of ways to kill innovation. One way to kill it though is by
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