How to develop a killer concept without even spending one dollar

According to Crawford and Benedetto (2011), a product can be seen as a set of attributes. This entails that a product can be explained by citing its attributes. There are three kinds of attributes:

  • Features: what the product consists of
  • Functions: what the product does and how it works
  • Benefits: the way a product provides satisfaction to the user

The conjoint analysis is a marketing tool, used in product repositioning and new product development applications (Wittink & Cattin, 1990). Conjoint Analysis estimates the customer’s preference into a set of different attributes (Green & Srinivasan, 1990).

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Should you have a design attitude?

The job of a manager is to make decisions and solve problems. However, most managers are limited to only calculating the best option out of a given set of alternatives (decision attitude) without creatively thinking of new and better alternatives (design attitude).

Therefore, the authors argue that there is a need of a
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